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Pre-1986 5 Lug Conversion

This how to is aimed at people who own a 1986 or earlier Mustang and want to lose the 4 lug setup. The benefits of this are more wheel choices and better braking capabilities. There are many good resources and how to's already on the internet but I found they are tailored for 1987+ Fox body mustangs. I am writing this to outline what those how to's have missed. Within the how to are links to other good sources.

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How to go 5 Lug


Fixing the Gangster Lean

This is a step by step walk through on how to fix the leaning seat problem that plagues many mustangs. It is fairly simple to do using basic tools and a welder (or having someone do the welding for you). Fixing this problem makes the seat much more comfortable.

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How to fix the gangster lean




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